A copy and paste from a crosspost from an anonymous idiot attempting to admonish my work in geolocating Frank "Ari Silverstein" Camper and bringing the wretch to international justice.

The idiot blithered (and I respond in italics) :               

"You're wasting your time."

> Why does that matter to you?

"Sliverdick has already been outed repeatedly. Dozens of forged names, kiddie game cross posting... he's lost numerous accounts over that crap in fact. I know because I'm responsible for him losing most of them. But the poor dumb bastard doesn't have enough self respect to care and I'm too damn smart for all of you. <SNIGGER>"

> First, apparently you are unaware that "Ari" is actually Frank Camper. Let's use his real name when parsing his caring. Frank is a mass murderer,
> former - or present - CIA, DEA, ATF and FBI operative. Why in the world would you believe he cares about you.What Frank does care about is his
> offline, real identity being exposed. This is my quest and I am almost there including complete geolocation.

"Sliverdick was also created by me since I am widely known as the brightest poster on the alt.privacy groups.For that I do not apologize. The idiot showed up in the privacy groups with some sort of asinine "bar code encryption" scheme, and I trounced him royally on it after he acted like a 2 year old when his thoughtless scheme was duly critiqued. And to this day the infatuated Ari fartstain just can't get over me. <SNIGGER>"

> Again, you may have done this or that but the facts are that Frank has several patents on data storage devices. If you look in the GSA Quarterly, you will
> further  see he has and does supply a rather long toothed line of products through various companies. Which, I again espouse, it endangers him dreadfully
> to be exposed. You have *A* picture, I am sorting, collecting and piece-mealing the *entire* pie - so to speak.

"Need proof? Do a little more general research... you'll see Sliverdick funneling and forging posts from other groups into alt.privacy, alt.privacy.anon-server, alt.fuckwit, alt.guitar, alt,music.the-dudes and three hundred other Usenet groups I post. He follows me like a little puppy-wuppy. .<SNIGGER>.  His whole shtick revolves around his years-long childish vendetta against myself; hell, the Wilders thing is part of it too. Sliverdick got the seed planted in his tiny little brain that I might participate in that forum too, so he tried pulling his kiddie games there and got canned repeatedly."

> Frank has been in and out of Wilders for years. He is still active there and Wilders has developed at least ten identities of his via IP address. For all
> self-acclaimed superiority, you are surprising deficient in the smallest bits of useful knowledge about Frank ;0)

"It's pretty tough not to spot his immaturity, even from behind proxies and such, so his antics left him feeling all unsatisfied and he decided to start re-posting Wilders material on Usenet. So you see, if it had not been for my complete genious, none of this would have happened. <SNIGGER>"

> I have much more work to do on this discovery of "Ari" and more on his team which I am evermore convinced. From personality profiling, using
> hash systems and various other detections - Tech as DasFox would name it ;) - I am slowly but surely drawing in on the identities of all of them.

"Like I said, a waste of time. "

> Since you have neither the resources nor the evidence, it would be worthless for you. I am another case entirely. ;0)

" Sliverdick doesn't have enough maturity in him to be rehabbed. The only satisfaction you might get from confronting him in a more personal way is knowing he spent some time huddling in a pudddle of his own piss again."

> You need to step back and take a long, hard look at the history of Frank. He's hardly a piss-puddler, his only vulnerability is his income stream. This I intend to > cut  off. The rest of your and anyone else's Usenet attacks on Frank are worthless. This is where time is wasted and by the looks of things, Frank has
> wasted years of yours and several others. How does that feel being had by someone you proudly and loudly profess to "own" and who you believe you
> "created."? ;0)

" Don't get me wrong, there IS satisfaction in it, I've even made the poor bastard crawl under a rock for a few weeks I've embarrassed him so much, but the only thing that will probably stop someone as obsessed as Sliverdick is a real life beating or criminal/civil charges. And to be real honest, the loser isn't worth the effort."

> You think much of yourself ;). Since you are anonymous, how is Frank to know who the fuck you are and when the fuck it is you posting? Personally, I firmly
> think you're so full of shit that it has grown into your brains creating delirious visions of you self-grandeur. ;0). But, please, go on, at least you are entertaining i
> in your pompousness. ;)

As far as his forging, nym hopping, and crossposting goes... I've already written a short Python script that peruses headers and collates posting hosts with From: headers and such. I've posted the results in APAS a couple times now, and if you want I'll clean things up a bit and post the code here. If you wanna go after Sliverdick in earnest with it be my guest, but I've sort of settled into just bitchslapping the cretin every once in a while. ;)

> According to the MKULTRA FOIA documents I have obtained, Frank's IQ is in the .5% or less distribution. This level of intellect is not cretinous. Now yours... ;)
> I will take another look at your work to see if it contains anything of value to me and I do appreciate your sweat efforts albeit misguided and childlike. ;) 
> Really, you  over value yourself to he extreme. Please post this ASAP.

Which the Usenet Idiot lying assclown never did.