"Ari Silverstein" Is Frank Camper

I wish that I could muster all the credit for making this discovery but that would be hopelessly dishonest ;).  I received several leads, Wilders gave me an IP  address that resolves to Dolomite, AL and many, many other cues.

I enquired using the Freedom Of Information Act obtaining an immense amount of information about Frank and received boxes full to the brim. ;) Anyone who would like to email me heremypants@hushmail.com will receive a link to download this information. It is stunning, it is devilish, it is the reflection of a life of a mass murderer, prisoner, fraud and intelligence operative. Most of all, it is damning that "Ari" is Frank Camper as cold-hearted in real life as he is on Usenet.

More coming; stay tuned !