FINAL UPDATE:  ALL is well that ends well ;)

I would be amiss to not give rightfully the large majority of credit for the investigation, negotiation and ultimate removal of Frank Camper (Ari Silverstein) to katio of the Wilders Security forums.


UPDATE: Wilders has requested that I remove all clickable links as they are a violation of their TOS.

Anyone with the slightest bit of information, please email me

Last September, the users "PooseyII" and "Simply The Best" joined the thread "Xerobank questions ?" on Wilders Security Forums.  By early October, they had become increasingly abusive, and their accounts were deleted at my instructions.  Immediately thereafter, posts about that, and caricatures of Wilders posts, began appearing in the Usenet groups alt.privacy, alt.privacy.anon-server, sci.crypt, alt.comp.freeware,, alt.masturbation, alt.fuckwit, alt.whothefuckisjebus and others.  In December, the user "EminenceFront" appeared on Wilders, went wobbly, and was booted off like the scoundrels they are. "They" is explained below. ;)

Among the participants in those Usenet caricatures was "heremypants <>", an obvious play on my Wilders handle, hierophant.  Although I appreciate that I can't censor Usenet, this will not deter me.  I've created this website as a forum for my responses.  I've also created  which can also be found in my Usenet sig.

This has not been a minor effort.  I have committed great time and resource and will continue to do so until "Ari Silverstein" (real name Franklin J. Camper) is brought to the appropriate Internationale courts of law for prosecution. There have been hundreds of thousands of Usenet posts caricaturing Wilders; it is the ones that make me look like a fool that are the most distressing.  It is my uncovering that this is a highly sophisticated. automated bot approach to personal defamation; one person et al -- a group lead by Frank Camper -- are spending considerable time administering the bot from a Central Bot Command post.  Who are they? Why are they doing this? Why me? I intend to find out and resolve this matter with severe animosity.

What I know so far is that many Frank's sardonic posts have come from the, giganews, tioat, mixmin, Quicksilver, blah blah blah blah blah.  I also know that Frank Camper and his group has been fighting on Usenet, among themselves or at least fifteen years. It is a charade of the greatest magnum!!

That's what I've got for now.  Enjoy the show. More coming later. Ta Ta!